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Because It Matters


Because it matters

Rubain will be a staunch advocate for improving our public education system; expanding job opportunities through fair budget and economic policies; building safe and affordable housing; and promoting equality through fair civil rights policies. Because it matters, Rubain is committed to developing policies that will build a fair and flourishing future for New York, that will invest in our communities while providing a safety net for the poor and expanding the middle class, and that protect the civil liberties of all New Yorkers.

Improving Public Education

Because education is the way out of poverty, Rubain knows that a high quality public education, which includes a comprehensive early childhood and after-school component, should be a guaranteed right that our children receive. He will work to expand Universal Pre-K and to increase the availability of free after programs and community schools. Rubain believes that our crown jewel institution of higher learning – Medgar Evers College – can become a critical and central partner with the Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Prospects-Lefferts Garden, Brownsville, and Sunset Park communities to provide career opportunities to local residents and educators to achieve the vision of a more fair and just society in Central Brooklyn and across the 20th Senatorial District.

Expanding Job Opportunities and Fair Budget Policies

Because good paying jobs and the ability to support a family are the bases of a stable community and thriving neighborhood, Rubain will fight for the small businesses that are the backbone of job creation in New York. He will work to expand opportunities and to eliminate the barriers small businesses face. As a NYC Department of Education administrator, Rubain worked to support small businesses and helped underutilized vendors to secure contracts with the city. As a senator, Rubain will be committed to policies that will increase access for small businesses and minority and women-owned enterprises.

Because eliminating poverty will reduce many of the injustices in our community, Rubain will fight to ensure that services to the needy and opportunity to all are the standards that define his efforts in Albany.

Having grown up in a working class union household, Rubain knows that hard work must also be coupled with real opportunities that can only come through a fair allocation of resources to schools, hospitals, and other local institutions. Rubain will also fight to increase the minimum wage to a living wage that will reward effort with security.

Building affordable housing and protecting homeowners

Because protecting tenants and local residents’ ability to remain in their homes is important to keeping neighborhood stability and maintaining community ties, Rubain will work with local decision-makers and his colleagues in Albany to ensure that affordable housing is built and tenant protection is made a priority.

Promoting Equality

Because we can protect all citizens while safeguarding their rights, Rubain will work to support programs that will increase crime prevention and safety while ensuring our civil rights and our neighbors’ civil liberties. By investing in local partnerships and using community-based models, our streets can be safer and our neighborhoods can thrive. Rubain will advocate for strong enforcement of laws that will ensure safety and improve the quality of life in the 20th Senatorial District even as we strengthen the ties among our community members.

Because women are often the only breadwinners in families, Rubain supports the 10 principles of the New York Women’s Equality Act. As a father of 2 daughters, Rubain wants to see a fair New York that rewards equal work with equal pay, a progressive New York that respects a woman’s right to choose, and a compassionate New York that would protect women from discrimination, domestic abuse, and sexual harassment.

Because our seniors and elderly neighbors deserve to enjoy the privilege of aging with dignity, Rubain will work to increase resources to ensure their safety, quality of care, and general well-being. Active day and senior care centers that provide activities, recreation, and learning opportunities should be available to our seniors.

Rubain will fight for you and our communities in the 20th Senatorial District…Because it matters.